Grace said Persistence(英文版)


What is persistence?

How to explain the concept of “persistence”?

How to be persistent when you want to give up?

Don’t give up until reaching your goal, then you will have persistence.
Reading this story with your children will help them cultivate one of the most important qualities in life.




■ 作者/繪者介紹
Eric Liao is a professional coach and training consultant based in Shanghai, China. Originally from Taiwan but having spent many years in the US, he is fluent in Mandarin and English and delivers his work in both those languages.

Eric’s natural style is one of enthusiasm coupled with high energy and a sense of humor. He engages his audiences through storytelling and sharing his own real-life experiences, which his audiences always respond to: Eric was consistently named the most popular trainer in various topic of workshop.

Eric holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University, California. He believes in balancing between left-brain and right brain in life; and has a passion for photography, through which he captures the moments of daily life.If you have any thoughts about this book, please share with us on Grace said Focus FB page. We are happy to hear any positive impacts this book can brings to your family.

■ 作者的話
From the Author I am thrill to continuously receive letters from parents since my first children book “Grace Said Focus” was published in 2014 and second children book “Grace Said Patience” was published in 2015. Parents shared with me how these important concepts are easily taught to their children through simple illustration of the books. And Grace, the little girl in the book has become model for them to talk to their children when they need to be reminded.

Persistence is by far the most important character in addition to Focus and Patience if people want to be successful in their life. That’s the motive behind my third children book “Grace Said Persistence.”

A crystal clear concept of persistence will be unveiled through the positive affirmation “You can do it.” when Grace talks to herself to overcome the obstacles she faces. She also uses this positive affirmation to talk to her classmates and create positive impact around her friends.

Would you like your children have such wonderful character when they grow up? You know persistence is so important, but how do you teach the concept of persistence to your children? What can you talk to your children positively to cultivate the quality of persistence? You will find these answer in this book, “Grace Said Persistence.”

Please email with any thoughts you have with this book. I am very happy to hear any positive impacts this book can brings to your family.

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